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Spending My Days

SMDCOVERsm.jpg Spending My Days – Rick Nestler’s first album, featuring Rick’s Hudson River anthem, “The River That Flows Both Ways” with musical support from good friends Steve Erickson, Vito Luizzi, Peggy Atwood, Sue Firing, Steve Stanne, Dan Einbender, Judy Gorman, Joe Huekerott, BobKillian, Chuck Winans, and Pete Seeger.

Phillip Hole The Singing Gravedigger

PhillipCDcover-sm.jpg Phillip Hole The Singing Gravedigger – Humorously morbid and morbidly humorous songs about death presented by Phillip in his eternal quest to become recognized by the Queen and be appointed the “Queen’s Own Minstrel.

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Rick Nestler
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